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    Default 2.5yo ER, at a loss!

    my 2.5 yo only started sleeping through the night at 23 months.
    she now wakes at 5-5.30 ready for her day. shes still tired tho but comes into my room and wont go back to bed. she has a nap at 1.20-3pm
    some days she has missed this nap and still wakes at 5.30am
    i am tempted to try a night light
    and cut or limit the day sleep to an hour only for a week but i have no idea what else this could be.
    shes not really able to cope with no day sleep nor with rising at 5.30!
    she isnt hot or cold...

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    Sounds like you've got one tried little girl on your hands!
    my DD went through this recently! it was driving me crazy but she just stopped one day!
    What time does she have dinner?? Does she have a milk drink (milo?) before bed?? I find if DD doesnt have a milk before bed she wakes early cos shes hungry.

    IMO dont cut back that day sleep. My DD still has some times 2 hours during the day and 10-12 hours at night. IMO they still need that nap...especially if they wake at 5-6am and theres no guarantee she'll sleep til 7am if you cut the day sleep out. All you'll get is a very tired, grumpy toddler. For my kids they sleep better at nightif thay have a good nap during the day. I find if they get too tired its harder for them to settle.

    You say she naps at 1.30pm...try around noon.

    I know its tough but my DD did this for about 2 weeks and it was so hard but like i said, she just started sleeping in again by herself.
    Does she have a block out blind (although its probably not that as its still pretty dark these morings)! Worth a try though!
    Good luck


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