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    Default Help me prepare!!!

    Dh is going away again next week to start back in the mines! I'm in two minds about it. In one mind I'm very proud of him and feel lucky to have a hubby who wants to give our dd the best in life but on the other hand I'm nervous as to how I will cope with a toddler in tow! We have been speaking about it on and off for the last 6 months and we finally made the decision to go for it. Last time he went dd was only 3-10 months and now she is 19 months and into everything so I'm not sure if it will be harder or easier??? Also we have 2 dogs, 2 cats and I work part time (4 days a week).... Oops I forgot I also study externally! Oh wow when I put it in writing it looks so much worse!!
    So help me prepare!!! Dh and I are going to get the dog food allocated for the week he's gone into little bags so I don't have to think about it. And we are going to sort out meals that we can cook so I can just reheat if I'm too tired . What else do I need to do??
    Any mummies with similar situations? Please give me your tips!!

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    i'm a sole parent so dont have any assistance from my childs father but some things i have found easier are
    -if i'm tired and tryign to read for uni I stop go to bed and sleep and set the alarm for an hr earlier and do the readign when i'm not so tired and can understand it better. also plan your assignments ahead so theres no last minute cramming/essay writing!
    - get all clothes readt for the next day the night/arvo before so they are ready
    -pack what you can of the next days lunches as at ngiht and plan what else needs packing so theres no last minute rushes
    - dont spend all night/day cleaning- clean one room for half an hour an devery second day spend an hour just cleaning the stuff that needs doing, no one will be harmed if the washing isnt folded right away etc...


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