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    Default Allergies? What else could it be?

    I have a 5 month old who has symptoms of allergies maybe?? He rubs his eyes, nose (pretty much his whole entire face, all the time) I have eliminated that he is tired because he does it after he has been awake for 15 mins. He has plenty of sleeps during the day. 2 x 2 hour sleeps, plus x 1 hour nap. When he is having tummy time he will play etc and then he will drop his head to the floor and push his face into the floor, kind of rubbing. He also does it when we pick him up, he will shove his face into our shoulders or chest really hard. Has anyone ever had an infant with allergies or acting like this? Im worried... ?

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    Have you changed washing powders recently ? Could be dust mites ? My ds has allergies and has had them since he was 3 months old. If you're worried take your little one to the dr.


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