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    Default Previous TTC with PCOS chat subscribers! Where are you now?

    As the title states ladies, and knowing my total obliviousness to the world around me there's probably already one of these threads cranking (I just couldn't find it!)

    We're you a previous member of the TTC with PCOS chat threads, and you no longer chat there because you're:
    *preggers, UTD, 'with child', or;
    *have given birth, or;
    *you've taken a different path

    I'd love to hear your 'Where are they now' story

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    I suffered PCOS for as long as i can remember and also have a long history of cysts and lots of surgery. I also suffer from endometriosis which has only been the last 3-4 years. Was told as a teenager I wouldn't be able to have kids so had stopped using protection with my "friend" of five years. Started having severe abdominal pains which got worse and worse so gp sent me off for an ultrasound to see how many cysts I had. Got the shock of my life when us tech told me I had several cysts and a baby!!! If I wasn't lying down I would have passed out lol was so shocked. So that's how DD came to be.

    My pregnancy was not easy as I had lots of scar tissue from cysts and surgery. As bubs grew my scar tissue stretched and the pain was 12/10. Being pregnant I couldn't take decent pain killers so I spent months in bed and close to home.

    I was six months pregnant when I started thinking about having baby no 2 on my own using a sperm donor. I knew it wouldn't be easy but with the help of a fertility specialist I had hope. After DD was born I bleed and bleed for weeks on end. Ended up having a d & c and my tubes flushed. My OBGYN found my first lot of endo then which was thankfully only mild. Leading upto getting preggers with DD I had only had one period in 6 mths so dr was sure I wasn't ovulating properly as a result of PCOS.

    DD was 2 when I started seeing fertility specialist for the first of several rounds iui. First one was drug free bfn second round was cancelled as I didn't ovulate. Third round we started using clomid bfn. By this stage I had spent heaps of money and decided to find a private donor and save myself $2000 month. Two more rounds of clomid and I got my BFP.

    Currently an 6 weeks away from having my second DD and already planning baby no 3 with the help of my donor who is fabulous!!! Probably take longer to conceive next time as I will be 37 this year and your fertility falls with each passing year.

    Whilst trying to conceive I reduced stress, limited my alcohol intake and improved my diet. When I found out I was preg I had lost about 7kgs.

    I went from thinking I would not have a family of my own to making plans for the future. I look forward to being around to teach my babies right from wrong and to be strong and generous adults.

    To anyone still trying to make their dreams come true best of luck and have faith because it can happen my babies are living proof.

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    I'd love to hear your 'Where are they now' story

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS since 2010 and conceived my DS (now 2) naturally after 6 months, but I needed help to conceive my DD in when we TTC in 2011. My OB put me on Clomid and first round I became pregnant (all though i didn't like the side effects, but it was all worth it.

    DD is now 6 months, although the pregnancy was horrendous. I had a placenta bleed at 12 weeks (thought that I was m/c for the 3 time) and I was put on bed rest. Then at 30 weeks we found out that her growth was slowing down. It was a horrible pregnancy but I thank every moment that she stayed put until my c-section date. We are now battling with reflux, but I know that we will come out on top.

    We would like to extend our family again in the future...not sure when.


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