This issue has most probably has been raised before, but i really need some feedback ...

DD2 is 34 months and has been toilet trained for wee's during the day for about six months, but she flat out refuses to poop in the toilet. Even during the day while wearing undies she will bring me her pull up (which she has for night time) and tell me she needs to poop. If she's at child care she will just wait until she's at home to get a pull up and I think she has reworked her 'cycle' to suit this, IYKWIM.

I have tried encouraging her to use the toilet but she just freaks out. I learned from DD1 not to push DD2 as I feel she will stat to do things in her own time, but it's been six months now and no change.

Hoping to hear from others who have dealt with this. Did you do anything to help the situation or is it just a matter of time?