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Bec T I can't see your post anymore but congrats on your pregnancy. Would love to hear more about your experience if you want to share?
Oops, that was clearly an editing fail lol! Thank you very much What would you like to know? DH had a vasectomy 15 years ago and I have PCOS so it was a little difficult to conceive on our own (or impossible more to the point, poor lil swimmers had no escape route!) so we went with IVF/ICSI. First attempt was cancelled due to hyperstimulation but our second attempt (first full shot at it, we didn't get to EPU the first time) was a BFP I feel very blessed that our first full cycle worked for us! Now 30 weeks pregnant It hasn't been all wonderful, feel like crap a lot which frustrates me sometimes but at the end of the day, baby is growing strong and the end goal is in sight which is very exciting, I can't wait to be a mum If you wanted to know anything else or just have a chat, feel free to pm me