Hi to all mums-to-be in Adelaide

Would you consider sharing your pregnancy, birth, and early postnatal experience with a midwifery student?

My name is Jacqueline (or Jaki), I'm in my first year of Midwifery at UniSA and as a part of my education, we can provide 'continuity of care' which is a process that involves being a part of your journey from antenatal appointments, during labour/birthing experience if it's allowed by the mother and postnatal appointments (with a minimum of 2 antenatal and postnatal appointments).

It is a huge priviledge for us midwifery students to find women who are willing to share this important chapter in their lives and for me, the learning I gain from it will enrich my role as a future midwife. As being only a first year student, I will be there mainly to give you that extra support you need during your pregnancy with the supervision of a registered midwife and/or other health practioners. Please remember that all information is confidential.

If you would like to be involved in experiencing this process, or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at jaki_alc@yahoo.com or reply on this

Kind wishes,