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I find your comment incredibly offensive ... Because of our families income level the government has determined that we are eligible for additional financial support - but in what way should this take away or have anything to do with making sound medical decisions for my children.
I have no prob with the checks being in place ... In fact I think it's great BUT the logic is flawed - this is a before starting school check my son won't start school till 2014 yet I MUST have this done this fy. Also why was I informed about this in my kinder newsletter???

It mostly annoys me because we have a huge shortage of docs in our area and now they have to do 4yo checks? Why can't this be done by a Mhn? (altho I refuse to go to Mhn now)
You're upset because family benefits are conditional upon being "responsible parents"? :s I believe it's a very sensible tactic. Not all parents are clued-in and on top of things. I see how some people think it's the "government's version" of being responsible parents, and feel their autonomy is being affected but these are the people I think really need to get a grip. This health check will be nothing but beneficial for your child.

You also question why this check isn't done by child health nurses and in the same breath say you don't go to them anymore. :s It'll often be a more comprehensive, up to date and uniform health check under a medical doctor and registered nurse than what can be provided at community health nurses.

I get so frustrated when people are just so oblivious to the fantastic job our health and welfare systems are doing. Many people in this thread are just whingers - the government is telling us what to do etc. If you don't like it then don't accept the benefits - simple. Try and see how this is massively beneficial for the majority of disadvantaged families.

If its discriminating against ANYONE it's the well-off families who aren't "motivated" financially to take their kids for the check, and so their kids may miss out.