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    Well I FINALLY made my decision!
    I went with medibank private. I almost chose HCF but I looked into prices of the basic cover (if I ever dropped pregnancy from my plan) and MBP were cheaper. Also If I wanted to add my 9 year old daughter they were cheaper.
    HCF seemed great with the no excess for day stay and were about $14 a month cheaper but I decided to think long term as well and thats where MBP won me over.
    The other thing that tipped me in their favour was that I would be able to acess IVF after two months providing I don't/didn't have a pre exisitng medical condition. Even though I have a lower AMH (of 6) my fs said that I have to try to fall pregnant naturally for 6 months before I am deemed infertile (or two goes at IUI). So I thought that if I needed to try IVF say 8 months from now then I MAY be exempt from the 12 month waiting period. The pre esiting condition has to have existed at any time during the six months before I joined up. I am not sure if they can prove I had a condition if I haven't tried to fall pregnant in that time so apparently it would come down to what my fs stated. Anyway it is a longshot that I would be exempt the 12 month waiting period but it is better than not having a shot I guess!
    Also I believe that you can transfer PHI to another company and they honour the waiting period you already served???

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    Yes, they will honour the waiting period already served. However as most other funds ask for 12months for pregnancy and fertility (incl ivf) you might have to 'top up' your waiting period with your new fund.

    EG. Have had insurance 6months with MBPV and c an claim IVF but transfer to HCF or BUPA, you would have to hold the cover with them for another 6months before IVF is covered with them


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