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    Default What part of the cycle do you start AI (IUI)?

    Hi all,

    We've been TTC for 12 months now (off and on a bit), but due to my cancer history (I had chemotherapy 7 years ago), my AMH is low and hubby has a small problem too. I'm 36.

    We're reluctant to do IVF but FS has recommended IUI with injectables (I'm a bit reluctant about those too ). I'm yet to meet with the nurse, counsellor etc, those appointments are in a few weeks.

    Just asking: when do they start your IUI treatment? Is it in line with your natural cycle or do they put you on the injectables and that changes tje timing of things anyway?

    Any help appreciated, just trying to plan a few things in advance,


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    Im just about to start my third IUI cycle, so hopefully I can help you a little bit. We had our last cycle in October last year so may be a little sketchy. I'm not on injections yet, we are trying Clomid once more (I do ovulate on my own but am taking the clomid to time ovulation) I'm actually about to start the Clomid tonight.

    I call my clinic when AF arrives (CD1) and then start the Clomid (this time CD5-9) I go into see my FS on CD11 and have bloods and ultrasound then this continues until he says I'm ready to go...I probably go in every second day for bloods etc. When he says Im ready he gives me a trigger shot, I go home and the next morning we go in with hubby's sample and the IUI is done.

    We've had two cycles which both resulted in BFP's however sadly were chemical pregnancies. Wishing you all the very best.

    Hopefully I've answered your question for you!


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