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    Hi OP !

    Im a sahm to a 1 year old and 2 year old , when I list what I do it actually looks like nothing lol but I literally feel like I have two kids velcroed to my leg all day . I love being home so much, i feel blessed i am able to be , and as much as my day is monotonous at times I don't feel bored , HOWEVER , I remember feeling exactly like you did when DS was younger and it was just us two . Perhaps when number 2 comes along you'll feel a little different due to the change in dynamics and extra work the new baby will bring !

    I can also very much relate though to every minute dragging , every morning that begins seems to go so slow and I literally think oh god , another loooooong day to get through yet before I know it it's 10 pm and I have some me time to read or chill !!! I look forward to that me time all day long .

    Each days pretty much the same , I have no structured activities on set days I just play it by ear regarding what daily outings we do.

    The kids wake between 6:30-8 , , nappy change , dress them , breakfast , clean breakfast mess , make beds and tidy up every room, do some activities and playing .

    We then go to the shops for some bread or milk , and I get the kids a food treat . It's just an excuse for an outing really . Instead of going to the shops we might go to a play centre or visit a friend . These outings are solely for the kids just to keep them active and entertained so they don't get bored at home because to be completely honest they cause me more grief than they are worth , crying and tears non stop during the whole car ride over someone snatching the others food , toys or dummy, then tantrums at the shops over wanting or not wanting to ride in a trolley or pram , wants to walk , doesn't want to
    walk blah blah .....

    Home by 11:30 for another nappy change , lunch , clean up the mess from lunch , then I spend about half hour cuddling DS on the couch till he falls asleep , another half hour feeding and cuddling dd to sleep .

    I nap while they nap to survive the following night of hourly wake ups between them both .

    When they wake it's time for another nappy change , a snack , clean up after the snack , then either relax at home watching tv or playing with toys or we go to the park or the lake to feed the ducks.

    Come home , prepare dinner , clean the mess from dinner , kids are playing with dad at this stage , baths , pjs , DS will play games on the ipad with dad for a little while or go on the indoor jumping castle or play with hes cars etc , while dd potters around causing trouble , dd goes to bed around 8:30 and DS around 9:30-10.

    Amid this whole day I am stealing ten minutes here and there to clean up mess , wash and fold loads of laundry , do dishes and pack away toys . I pack away toys not because I want the house to be clean but because they are a bloody hazard , dd pulls out every imaginable item not nailed down or empties every drawer possible all day long. I really do feel like I spend all day picking up toys and cleaning food which I see as part of being a sahm but it really does never seen to end !

    That's my day !

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    Get up, breakfast, dress, teeth, clean kitchen
    Outing (shops/park/library)
    Dd nap , I nap, clean, cookor work
    Arvo play outside, drawing/painting, park sometimes if we're having leftovers
    Dinner bath bed
    Then I clean/work/read

    I think thats what it's normally like, but we've had about 3 months solid of sickness, a broken wrist and numerous er visits

    **Mum, Dad, Big boy (Dec 08) and Baby gi
    rl (Feb 11)**


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