Hi ladies

Hopefully this is in the right section. So I was hoping to put this out there in the hopes someone may have had the same experience and may be able to offer some insight in to what's going on.

POSSIBLE TMI - I am a 28 day clockwork cycle that has never in my life fallen out of cycle. Except for when I fell pregnant early this year, other than that, never been late and never in my life spotted. CD1 is always medium to heavy flow straight off the bat. This cycle I was convinced I was pregnant. I had symptoms and like, I said, I just felt pregnant. To cut a long story short AF was due Monday and it never arrived. I took a test Tuesday morning and it was a BFN. Yesterday, I started spotting and like I mentioned, I've never spotted in my life! It was only there when I wiped. Today there's a bit more than just when I wipe but nothing that I would consider an actual flow. My GP seems to think I could be pregnant but has told me to wait a week and see if AF arrives as normal.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Had a normal cycle and then suddenly had it go haywire. Possibly did you end up finding out you were pregnant? Just curious on your thoughts about it .. TIA