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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkplease3 View Post
    Yep exactly the same. I actually thought i could stand to lose a few kilos when i was wearing size 10-12 skinny jeans!! I worked my a$$ off after having my two kids and lost over 30kgs. Apparently im not gifted with the ability to maintain a weight with minimal effort either. I dont feel sexy in anything i wear so i live in one pair of baggy jeans and trackies with big jumpers and I try not to open the hanging side of my wardrobe because there is next to nothing in there i can wear anymore, i have dozens of cute cocktail dresses and skinny jeans staring at me screaming 'why fatty why!!' some ive never even had a chance to wear.

    DP just sent me a text saying im getting my bday present early. I told him a couple of weeks ago that I want a size 12 waist again for my bday which he responded to with the usual but sweet 'you dont need it i love you how you are blablabla'. But he's just told me hes buying me a treadmill tomorrow because im not a public exerciser (over conscious of my jiggly bits) and he knows how much it would mean to me but apparently its going to come with a set of conditions from him that he'll explain when he gets home from work....not entirely sure what thats supposed to mean but this is my only shot to get it together so i dont care.
    I was once in the same position as you - hugs!! It's not a good feeling when you used to feel nice and now you feel uncomfortable and frumpy. I had to starting dressing to my size rather than my taste

    If it helps I've gone from a size 16 to a size 10 losing about 25kg (may be a little bit more). Still am not 100% happy but I definitely feel a lot better.

    PM me if you'd like to chat. I Wong bore you with how I lost the weight here - but will quite happily share if you'd like

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    I know EXACTLY what you're going through. I'd been thin all my life! Then I got to size 16 and 86kgs and some of the size 16's started not fitting! I cried the first time I had to buy size 16...I was devastated. Thankfully I haven't had that many comments, although when I was trying to find a dress for my sisters wedding a shop lady said that I should be wearing the control undies ...then I looked at her and said "I AM!!!!!" That was pretty embarrassing!

    The good news is that it doesn't have to last forever. 2 days ago I bought my after party dress and it was size 10!!! So it can be done honey - it so can!

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    I know exactly how you feel pinkplease I hope you feel better soon. Try like a duck and let the comments slide of your back.

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    Though I'm not very big, I am bigger than I was and after birth... well my body has changed. I can't wear tight pants and a midriff top anymore - that's for sure! And my butt is certainly much more generous as are my thighs. I now try to go for a style I like that suits my new body - 50s dresses are the best - they cover up all the bits I don't want people to see.

    And sometimes losing weight isn't the answer. I was very ill and lost so much weight I was underweight but I still wasn't happy with my body shape!!! It can be more about liking what you have but that's easier said than done - though it can be done!

    Pinkplease3 good shop assistants know the right thing to say in a nice way - that woman was not one! It sucks you had to have that - I've certainly experienced it before and it's so hurtful. Don't go back there ever!

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    Unfortunately horrible comments about your body can be made by shop assistants whatever size/shape you are. I was once (years ago) a size 10 and tried on a dress in Myer. The sales assistant looked at me and said "ugh, I wouldn't buy that dress if I were you, you wouldn't be able to eat a thing all night".

    She could just as easily have said "I don't think that style suits you, what about..." But no she had to make me feel like a big fat lump, even though looking back I really wasn't. I would give ANYTHING to be that size again, but at the time I was so unhappy with my body thanks to comments like that...


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