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    Default Moving House with a 15mth old

    Hi all we are moving house this Monday. We are buying DH's parents house. DS has been there many times. I am worried he will be confused as he may associate the home with Nanna and Pop. They live close by and I was thinking I dont want them over till at least the weekend so it gives DS time to settle in and not see them there.

    He also starts daycare the next day (so nervous) he will be only going one day a week. I have taken that day off work so if I need to be there for a while that morning I wont have to rush off to work.

    Can anyone give me tips on what you have done when moving to keeping your little one settled. Thank you.

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    No advice here, but would love to hear some ideas also.

    When we moved recently (and will be again, soon) I put DD room the exact same way as it was in our old house. I kept the routine the same and didn't wash her blankies straight away (they weren't dirty anyway) so the familiar smell of "home" was with her.
    Hope that helped, I don't think it did, though. Lol, sorry!

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    We have moved house more times then I can count since DD1 was born. The biggest move was when we moved to a new town last year. Things I have found helped (at any age):
    - let them get used to the new house as much as possible before moving in. I used to take the kids with me any time I went to the new place, and talk about how great it will be having a new house.
    - let them pick their own room (more older kids).
    - keep their routine as normal as possible during the move.
    - get them involved with packing and unpacking, especially their own belongings.

    Hope that helps

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    Our first priority is to always make sure their beds are set up when they're that little. It doesn't matter what is un packed when, its always the beds first. Any familiar toys such as something they may take to bed should be left out too and as WhiteTulips said, it probably wouldnt hurt to set his room up the same, if not as close to possible as his last room so that he associates this new one as his 'new room' not a room at Nanna and Pop's house.

    Take him around the house and say 'look at our new kitchen/bathroom/lounge room etc, etc, get him all excited and positive about the 'new house' and cease (if you haven't already) calling or referring to it as Nanna and Pop's house. If your LO goes to call it that, just say, 'no, this is our special new house' etc, etc.

    A night light would be handy too, especially if he's in a room on his own, as he might wake and fret in the night in a strange house. Again, try and keep him settled in with all things that are comforting and familiar to him.

    Good luck with the move!


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