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I know kids are supposed Phto grow out of croup, but my DS is 11 and still gets croupy when he gets a cold. The last time I took him to the Dr he was surprised as he'd never seen a child as old as DS barking like a seal.
One of the Dr's we used to see, said those who had not grown out of croup by 6/7, often grown out of it while entering puberty, hopefully thats the case for your DS.

DD is 8 and been croup free for 2yrs.
I think there is no way to really avoid croup, as its viral, but I second icy poles etc, for croup at least, don't know if it would be any good for asthma though.

during really bad nights I'd wrap dd in a blanket and walk around the back yard for a bit, or if we had to go to ED during the night, the cold air would always calm it down a little.
Hospitals are definitely saying no steamy bathrooms for croup.

A few of the nurses recommended echinacea tea, pita to find, most health shops have it though, I'm not really sure if it helped :/ but maybe it works for others.