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    Default Advice on how DH can get into mining industry with no experience or qualifications

    We are having some serious financial problems at the moment, and thinking that our best option is for me & bub to move in with my mum for a year or 2 while DH goes to the mines for a year, that way neither of us are paying rent & bills while we get our finances sorted, I can still go to uni, as well as being able to save for a while. He has absolutely no relevant skills, experience, training or qualifications, and he does not have a full license (still on provisional license and only got it a few months ago) He is willing to do ANYTHING, whatever will have the best pay but also able to start ASAP (within next few months if possible) Not sure if this is relevant but he is 22- hoping to get everything sorted while we're still young and make a more realistic plan for baby no 2

    Originally we wanted to both stay at home and be lazy while enjoying the first few years being a lovey happy family what fantasy world were we living in haha although we are happy, it's just not possible money-wise anymore! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Apply at mining companies as a Labourer. Say he is willing to undertake any training. He has to ring the companies every week asking if they have any work. Everytime you ring they put a + beside your name, when the have a job they are more likely to hire those that are the most interested. DP started doing *'shutdowns' via **FIFO, then was offered a permanent job (3yrs later), though he is a Qualified Tradesperson.

    * Where they shut the mine down for a week or so to fix all the problems they couldnt do if the mine was running. Companies bring in lots of staff so its done quicker, as the longer the mine is shut down the more money they lose.

    ** Fly In Fly Out. Some mines will only fly people out from certain cities. If you arnt in that city you have to find your way there on your own.

    Good Luck.

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    I would suggest that he gets some qualifications. Doesn't have to be much, but a few tickets, maybe Forklift, Confined Spaces, Working at Heights. These are all 1-2 day courses and cost a few hundred. If you can afford it, he could get his Dogmans ticket. This is the first step for getting a crane operating license. Dogmans costs a bit more and is a 5 day course.

    I say this because we were in a similar position as you a couple of years ago. My DH still doesn't have his license (he rides a motorbike)! He had no mining background, but he was able to get into the industry as a TA (Trades Assistant) because he had a few tickets behind him. It just gives you a bit of an edge. Now he is halfway through an adult apprenticeship to be a diesel mechanic, so the investment was well worth it.

    He got started thru a recruitment agency, then he was taken on as a permanent once he showed that he was a good worker.

    It is very hard work tho, he does a 10 hour day so he is always "too tired" to help with the babies after work... Be prepared!


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