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    Default Employed full-time, but have had a sick toddler.

    Hi all,
    I finished Uni last year an scored a full-time contract as a year 2 teacher at a state school in Queensland. My contract is till June, but they have said that I am definitely staying till the end of the year.

    Working full-time I enrolled DS into full-time day care. My problem is that he is constantly getting sick. One week it will be a throat infection, the next it will be conjunctivitis, he has had school sores, then another cold. I have had at least one day off each fortnight since the start of my contract. I don't get full pay for the sick day because I haven't worked enough sick pay hours up. He has been fully immunised and is due for his 4year old needles in November. Im nervous that I will never get offered permanency because of so many days off I have for my DS. My parents both work full-time and will so for the next 10 years so they can't help me out. I have looked into family daycare, but it is sooooo hard to get 5 days. Financially I need to work full-time. If I job share and cut down to 4 days I can't get permanency. I am after any suggestions or things that have worked for other working mums.

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    Its the dilemma of nearly every working mum- need to work, put children in daycare, children get sick, can't go to work...

    I had this same problem all last year when my son was in full-time care. If you are lucky you will have an understanding employer, but most of the time you just feel bad about not working and stressed about how it makes you look.

    All I can say is that it does get better.
    Your son's immune system will get stronger, and eventually he will stop getting sick so frequently. You can also give him a pro-biotic (from the chemist), this helps my babies in the winter to fight off the dreaded bugs.

    Good luck!

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    Ditto the above. Both my kids got really sick their first winter in daycare. We just had to share it around between me, DH, and my parents.

    Maybe your Mum could help out with the odd day?

    I give my kids pentavite in the winter.

    it sucks when you have to work and they are sick.


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