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    Default short cervix

    Hi Everyone,

    I just had my 12 week scan and my cervix is measuring 2.5cm, when it is supposed to be over 3cm! So I am really concerned, about losing the baby, going into pre term labour. I see the Ob on Wednesday to see where we go from here, whether I get a stitch or use progesterone pessaries. Has anyone else experienced this and what was your outcome? I had a high risk pregnancy last time, with bleeding and they noticed my cervix was short after the 20 week mark, but I got to 34 weeks before I had another bleed and they had to do an emergency c-section.

    Thank you for you help!

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    They noticed mine at shortened to 2cm at 24 weeks ( too late for stitch) so I had steroid injections and progesterone pessaries, weekly ultrasounds and mild bed rest, by 30 weeks no change , by 34 I stopped having ultra sounds and had a scheduled c section at 38+5 no problems!!

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    I have 3 outcomes to share, all different!
    1st preg, had sudden labour at 32wks (lots of BH during preg) unable to stop, so bubs was delivered (she is fine no issues). So 2nd preg we monitored more: at 19wk cervix 2.8cm, again lots of BH, repeat scan at 23wks huge funnel & 3mm of cervix left so was admitted on bedrest then the following day sudden quick labour resulted in stillborn bub.
    So now I'm on my 3rd preg: cervix at 12wks was 2.5cm, stitch was placed as planned regardless of length 3 days later. Then up until 22wks my cervix grew a few mm each week up to 3.7cm. At the last scan at 26wks cervix was 2.7cm, but the stitch was holding and no funnel was seen. Ive had a scan every 2nd week since 7weeks up to 26wks and on the progesterone pessaries since 20 weeks. I'm now 31wks and still on the progesterone although they haven't curbed the BH and cramping however I would hate to think what it would be like with out it. I have a scan next wk at 32wks so it will be interesting to see my cervix.

    In case you are interested with this preg Ive been on no activities, no exercise, no lifting more than 5kg, no ab work etc, no cleaning and no sex. But other than that Ive worked and carried on a fairly normal lifestyle, although some Obs will put you on bedrest from 19-26wks mine doesnt, unless there is no stitch.

    I know my outcomes aren't all rosie but I was really interested in other peoples experiences when I found out I had and Incompetent cervix so I thought i would share them all.

    I wish you a long and boring pregnancy


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