Are you the parent of a premmie baby aged 11-13 months?
Are you the parent of a term born baby aged 11-13 months?

Or will you be soon?
We need your help!
Researchers at the University of Queensland are keen to find out more about parenting styles in parents of babies and premmie babies at one year of age. We want to understand how the way that you parent your baby at one year influences how you’ll continue to parent your baby in the future and we want to know how to best measure your parenting style.

Can I participate?
We are recruiting parents of premmie babies aged between 11-13 months. We are also recruiting parents of term born babies aged between 11-13 months as a comparison group. We will be collecting data for several months so if your baby is younger than 11 months please come back to the questionnaires when your baby is 11 months. If you like, you can email me your baby’s birthday and I will email you a reminder.

What does participation involve?
Participation involves completing three short surveys. The surveys take approximately 15, 5 and 5 minutes, respectively. We need to complete the first survey now, while your baby is 11-13 months, the second survey 2 weeks later (you’ll receive an email reminder) and the third survey when your baby is 18 months. All of the surveys are online. All responses are completely anonymous.

What are the benefits?
This study will produce a measure of parenting styles for parents of one year olds. We want to understand how to measure parenting style in parents of premmie babies at one year so that we can measure outcomes in a trial of a new parenting intervention developed specifically for parents of babies born preterm, Prem Baby Triple P. For you, it is an opportunity to reflect on your parenting.

Yes I’ll complete the survey!
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Want more information? Want a reminder when your child is 11 months?
Please email Michael Herd (study coordinator):