Hi All,
Im 30, have a 4 year old son who is fine.

Have had 2 mc before him and 4 after.
We started investigations this year with Westmead IVF to see why so many m/cs.
Got my Karyotype bloods back and I have an apparently Balanced Robertsonian translocation involving the long arms of chromosomes 14 and 21. This could be reasons for miscarriages and Normal carriers of this translocation are at risk of chromosomally unbalanced offspring involving trisomy 14 or 21.
My husbands results came back fine. We are seeing a genetic counsellor tomorow.

Had a D&C and hysterogram, last week as there was some scar tissue at the cervix that needed to be removed.

Because Westmead doesnt do Genetic testing of embryos, we now have an appoinmtment with IVF Australia in 2 weeks to discuss our options. I dont know much about IVF as such.

Im at a loss. I really feel gutted. And alone! I have never heard of Balanced Robertsonian translocation.

If anyone is in the same boat or can shed a little light, it would be much appreciated

Eleash x