If someone wants to create another spinoff debating if it works or not, feel free, but that's not why I started this thread. Up until a few months ago I thought the term "homeophathic" referred to any non-medicine treatment option eg. herbs, vitamins, accupuncture etc. I now know I was not correct and can see that many others are also share this general misunderstanding.

I discovered that it's actually a very specific technique where very, very, VERY dilute solutions are used to treat various ailments and that it is generally based around the theory of treating like with like (eg. if you have inflamation they give you something that causes inflamation). This is my VERY BASIC understanding and I know I am missing the complexity of it as a whole but for the sake of this thread I am trying to represent a bit of Homeopathy101.

When I discovered this, I realised that I had been mis-using the term. As I thought it was derived from the word "home" and thought it just basically meant "home remedies", many of which stem from traditional ways of treating things. (eg. dandelion tea diuretic, comfrey possets for inflamation/pain, pure honey for antibacterial). So I thought I'd start this thread to see how many people used to/still do share my misconception?