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    I'm for Euthanasia as well. I think it's important to let people decide when they have had enough of life, in most cases it is very cruel to make them live past that point.

    I'm very grateful that my pets can have a nice death in the loving arms of family before any condition they get can cause them so much suffering and loss of quality of life. It would be lovely if I knew that I also had that option.

    I know people have religious grounds for not allowing it, and while I respect the beliefs of others, I don't like it that religious beliefs have the power to dictate the policy for everyone. Surely if it was against your religion you would just have it in your living will that under no circumstances are you to be euthanised?

    Its also the kind of thing that should be hard to achieve (maybe go to court to get permission to euthanise). I would hate for people to abuse the system to get their inheritances early from relatives that are in their care (with use of power of attorney, and other legal/medical decision making).

    I also wanted to point out, in case I've mentioned things that have been brought up a lot, I haven't read much beyond the original post (I just wanted to stick my 2 cents in without too much bias).

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    I have had 2 grandparents who both ended in a coma had NO quality of life whatsoever. My grandfather had mad cows disease, grandmother had had a severe stroke and heartattack only 1 day apart. She also had diabetes.
    With my grandfather, they increased the morphine shots to 1 every 2 hours and 2 days later, he had passed away. It was an incredible hard decision to make for my grandmother (may I say she isn't religious) as they had been married for over 60 years and she didn't know life without him. I still cry when remembering seeing him there, curled up in the fetus position and crying like a baby. Noone could touch him or he would wail out. He couldn't open his eyes, he couldn't eat, communicate, move, etc. He was nearly paralized.
    He just wasn't there with us in spirit anymore. Such a highly intelligent man I have admired all my life, turned into an 84yo 6ft baby in a matter of weeks

    My other grandparent, they stopped her insulin which got her into a coma and they had an automated morphine injection thing that injected morphine every hour. She too passed 2 days later. This was my mothers and uncle's decision to make and til today it still haunts them. They never got looked at strangely in Europe, but here my mother has had several disapproving looks and comments. She will never know if it was the right decision to make and she is a Christian. It was either that, or have my grandmother lying in bed for another year, staring at the ceiling, not being able to wee, poo, eat, drink, communicate, move, etc. She would be alive but "not there" iykwim. It is when you are mentally that affected that I believe it is the right decision to make.
    It is also a huge burden on the full hospitals and nursing homes and tax payers money to keep a person alive who isn't really "living".

    I support my mothers decision as well as my grandmothers decision. If your body is there, but your mind and spirit have died, why keep going? What is the point? Is it for the ones who are left behind? We all got enough time to say goodbye and were prepared when they passed. We cried so much in the days leading upto it, that when they passed, we actually felt relieved that their suffering was over and there were no tears until the funeral.

    Oh and the doctors were the ones who made the suggestions of increasing the morphine to let people gently go.

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