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    Quote Originally Posted by Mum2EandR View Post
    Forgot to add that I went private too, and they generally take the bubs to the special care nursery for the first night - bringing them back for feeds - so that mum can sleep! I took them up for the offer both times and slept like a baby lol!
    Yup DD went to the nursery (not special care just where they keep an eye on them and bring them back for a feed) at 11pm and came back at 5 or 6am. The first night and some other night too. It was great I had a good sleep! lol wish I had that now sometimes.

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    I was in recovery for a good hour maybe more and had bub on me the whole time for skin to skin. DH was with us but definitely no other visitors in this time.

    The first evening (had c section in the AM) we had our parents visit but told everyone else to hold off. I wasn't really up for much but really wanted my parents to see bub on the day he was born. They didn't stay long.

    DH didn't stay the first night (I was a private patient in the public hospital but they didn't have a private room for me yet) as I was on a ward with 3 other ladies and he wasn't allowed to stay. As I couldn't get up yet the nurse took bub with her and would bring him back to feed every few hours. I didn't get much sleep as I was having obs taken every few hours, one woman was snoring & another was being wheeled out every few hours to feed her baby in special care.

    I was moved to a private room the next day so DH was able to stay the next 3 nights. I had an extra day/night of not being allowed up (due to blood transfusions) so was glad he was there to tend to bub (rather than having him with a nurse again).

    My milk came in on day 3 and had no major dramas breast feeding. Bub is now almost 5 months old and I am still feeding.

    Best of luck!

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    On mobile and haven't read all the replies but..

    If your partner can stay with you I would def have him stay. I wish mine could have but they kicked him out at exact 8pm every night!

    I wish our visitors had held of till day 2. However mine was an emergency c section and I didn't get to my room until 2am and my first visitors were there the next morning. It was just uncomfortable for me as I still had the catheter in etc.

    DD was born at 11.40 and they wrapped her up before she was given to me and even then she was only
    Sort of rested on my shoulder while I was being stitched up etc. they then took her away with DP and I didn't see her till I got to my room and then they stripped us both down and she was put on my chest and she latched on and fed straight away.

    Looking back I wish I had put my foot down and made sure I had skin to skin with DD as soon as she was born but at the time I was freaked out/tired/drugged/excited etc I just don't even remember thinking about it.

    Best of luck with everything :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by moosey View Post
    Hi ladies, I'm booked in for a Caesar on Wednesday due to a few complications. I have a quite a few questions.I am going to a private hospital so hubby can stay in the room with me but not in the same bed (on the first night). Is it worth him staying the first night or is he better getting some rest at home?How long do you usually stay in recovery for? Can my family come and see us in recovery or do they wait until I'm back in my room?How do you generally feel on the first day? Should we tell visitors to hold off on coming in or do you feel up to visitors? I'm thinking maybe immediate family on the first day.How did breast feeding go for you after a c-sec? I'm nervous about attachment after a Caesar, I'm hoping that my body will know what to do especially as I'm past my due date. Any advise would be great! I'm feeling very nervous!
    I would vote YES for DH staying. I felt like I needed him to be there to help with everything. Physically, I was useless. Emotionally, I felt vulnerable and was just grateful he was sharing the whole experience and learning with me from the start.

    I stayed in recovery for 45 minutes. I felt ripped off b/c I was told DD could be with me but they ended up taking her into my room. Only DH held her during that time though. They wouldn't let them come and see me. I don't really know the reason for that.

    I felt ok to have visitors hours later. I enjoyed the support and the debrief. I found the positivity and excitement to be uplifting.

    Breastfeeding didn't happen for us. I had good supply but DD never attached and got so frustrated and upset. I expressed full time for a few months instead.

    Attachment was fine for both of us. Since DH got the first skin-to-skin contact and then I got plenty, we're all really close. DH spent 3 months at home with us sharing parenting equally and that pretty much sets the tone for our family dynamic. Bonding came very naturally and I don't think the c/s really affected that in our instance.


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