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    Default Anxiety and massive stress 12 weeks pregnant

    So back story, I'm 12 weeks pregnant with a 7 year old, 6 month old and my husband has been on tour in America for 6 weeks and won't be home for another 7. I am fairly isolated from close friends and family.

    So for the last week I had had diareaah and have been feeling particularly off and odd, then tonight after I put the boys to bed and was watching tv I started to feel like I couldn't breathe and feeling tense and my heart started beating fast and I got stomach cramps and it kinda just built up. Now I haven't had anxiety for 5 years but realized that that's what's been going on with me lately, I snap easily, I'm very irritable and unmotivated, very un ordinarily emotional as well as the physical symptoms. I'm under a lot of stress at the moment, and it's obvious that's what has lead to this anxiety.

    What I want to know is; will this harm my baby? If I continue to feel like this? What Can I try other than relaxation techniques ( I've been trying them since the husband left)? And my doc is aware of my situation but I'm worried he will put me in medication and if so what would he put me on?

    Has anyone else had this while pregnant?

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    I haven't, but I wanted to say maybe a councillor would help a bit with the stress, especially if you are feeling isolated and alone right now (never hurts to have a good chat with someone and they will probably have some relaxation exercises for you to try too ). I hope you feel better soon

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    Yes, I had exactly the same thing when I was pregnant with DS and DP was away. It was very very scary at the time. A friend suggested Rescue Remedy which is a homeopathic treatment you can get from chemists. I don't believe in homeopathy but it seemed to at least have a placebo effect for me, I would calm down just having taken something. I also realised that due to my low BP, I get dizzy easily in pregnancy, and would.get head spins as i was sitting/standing up. This would trigger anxiety as my heart would race and that would set everything else off. So I was really careful to get up super slowly to avoid dizziness.

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