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    Default Video monitors - what do you recommend?

    We are trying to decide on a video monitor and really like the features of the iBaby but the app that goes with it is not reviewed well at all unfortunately.

    We are looking for something that sends video to your phone and preferably sends an alert when the baby makes a noise, which is what the iBaby does. I do a lot of outside work on our property and it would be great to get an alert when bub made a noise, then to be able to check on him through the phone to see if he's settling back down or needs attention before I go running back inside. Can anyone recommend anything suitable or comment on the iBaby?

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    From looking at the iBaby it sounds great in theory but you need an iphone to 'see' the baby and honestly I'd prefer not to use my phone for that. What if I'm on a phone call? My phone battery runs out quickly as it is - adding using it for a baby monitor would drain it much faster. Ok, so you can use your computer or ipad, but we don't have an ipad and the thought of carrying my laptop around with me while I'm in the backyard with my 5yo or doing the laundry is not that appealing either!

    We have an Oricom SC700 and I'm quite happy with it. Honestly the range is not that great, despite what it says on the packet. BUT, I'm not sure if that's just cause of our house and too much electrical interference reducing the range. I probably only get about 20 - 30metres range which if you're on a property is not much. BUT, you probably don't want to be too far away from your bub anyway.

    The oricom screen is black most of the time & only lights up when bubs makes a noise. I've got it set to only light up if she makes a significant noise. You can set that sensitivity level and you can see bubs 100% of the time if you want. For 'significant noise' that means a cry, rather than a tiny rustle as she rolls over in her sleep. That's good cause overnight it's dark in the room, but even if I'm not facing the monitor the light from the monitor going on reinforces the noise that comes through the monitor to let me know that bubs is awake.

    One of my issues with it is that it doesn't alert you audibly when the battery is low. So, it can run out of battery and you might not know. The power light does flash for a while before it runs out of battery (maybe an hour), but we've had it run out in the middle of the night a couple of times without us knowing (we hadn't set the monitor correctly on the base by accident and it wasn't charging like we thought it was). It does beep when you turn it on too and that's a little annoying. BUT, it has a lot of benefits so I get used to that. I feel bad for my dh though when I come back to bed in the night after a feed & turn the monitor on and it beeps & can wake him up (usually now I take the monitor with me when I get up for a feed & turn it on outside of the bedroom).

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    I have a Uniden Babywatch something or other. Its perfect. Big screen, picks up noise well but filters aircon/fan ect. Id recommend it.
    I have an Oricom 500 and i love it, if i had the money i would have gotten the 700.


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