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    Default Miscarriage

    I went for a dating scan the other day at what i thought should have been 6weeks and 3days or 8weeks and 2days since LMP, my cycles are quit irregular, they couldn't see anything in the sack and the sack was only measuring 6weeks, the doctor has given me a greater then 90% chance of miscarriage.

    Then she started discussing ways to end my pregnancy, I said i will do it naturally....she then started pushing me about a D&C, then said about the tablets i said again i want to do it naturally. Why is their first aproch to everything lets do surgery. (i told her i didn't want to do surgery she said its only a minor operation.) She said we will discuss it more on Wednesday and to think about which option over the weekend. I don't think i will see her again i don't like her lets cut it open aproch

    I am devostated all i have done for the last 3 days is cry. I got my BFP on the 26/4/12 so i know my dates couldn't be any earlier then that 6weeks and 3days at the time of scan? =(

    This i like going through it for the second time they dignosed me with a missed miscarriage last time. That child turned out fine.

    My question is how long does it normally take to start miscarrying if you do it naturally? And how does it start? What do i exspect? Will i be able to look after my children while i go through it?
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