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    We spent about 11,000 and saved up for it all. It would have been cheaper but had to move the wedding back 6mth due to me having surgery. This meant the new date fell in the peak season hence more expensive but loved every minute of it. DH and I paid for all the bridal partys outfits from hair, make up shoes etc. I wanted it like that as we asked these people to share our day so why should the y fork out big dollars just saying yes. We also made the decorations for the gazeebo and wedding presents. As it was going to be a small park wedding we decided to get fancy cars and due to DH not wearing a tux in his first wedding he wanted to this time so it was a traditional dress for me too!

    We had 21 people and 2 flower girls but due to a cow of an ex friend it should have been 18 people and 1 flower girl. I didn't see her performance on the day as the other bridesmaids stepped in and made sure i was the princess for the day and not her. She took off early without saying a word whilst DH were having pics on the pier before dinner and hasn't spoken to us since.....happiest 5yrs of my life!

    Would I change how I had my wedding= not in your life. it was perfect for us.
    Would I change who I invited= hell yes!

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    Close to 40k, paid by ourselves and both sets of parents. It was the most amazing day and I wouldn't change a thing....but that along with the 20k honeymoon has really put us in debt even a year on!

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    $0. Dashed into a registry office in a remote Scandanavian village while on holidays visiting family & friends. Totally unplanned, don't regret a thing.

    I have to say out of all the weddings I've been to (and been in the wedding party for) the best ones have all been the budget ones. It seems like the more money spent, the higher the stress levels and the less the bride and groom actually enjoy themselves.

    My BFF's wedding was a massive Greek/Indian party, it was fun for those not in the wedding party but for the rest of us it was an extremely stressful 24 hours spent rushing around dealing with drama after drama. About a year later BFF and I were talking about weddings and she says "I loved ours it was the best day ever" ... After composing myself I had to remind her about me wiping her *** when she was about to leave the reception centre for the airport (she was far too drunk to do it herself) as her new husband ran around outside screaming "where is your f$&@ing passport!!??!! Our flight leaves in 2 hours!!" While all the guests clapped and chanted on the dance floor waiting for the bride and groom to make their final appearance. I ended up having to dash back (in a taxi, I was drunk too!) to their apartment to search for said passport then rush to meet them at the airport with said passport in another taxi, all at midnight (on a Sunday evening do they could save a few bucks off the reception)!!!

    Selective memory hmmm...


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