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    Hi Aquillah - do you have concerns about how your child relates to others? I do about my LO and we are going through assessment now.
    What made them think it was ADD or ADHD and not something else like ASD spectrum disorders? I am just asking because my little one sounds very like Prickles boy and no one has ever mentioned ADHD or ADD ever??

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    ASD and ADHD have many common features, including social problems. One big difference is that kids with ADHD know the social rules and have the skills, but can't perform them very well because of impulsivity and/or attention problems. Kids with asd can be impulsive too, but fundamentally don't get the rules of social interaction.

    Make sure any assessment includes cognitive testing by a psychologist, as this is the best way to find out what is happening at the brain/processing level to help determine if it is asd, ADHD, a learning difficulty or something else altogether.
    I would consider seeing a psych for an assessment if you have concerns. Diagnosis or not, early intervention is invaluable.

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    Ds is in kindy and was diagnosed adhd earlier this year. He had issues with biting and hurting other children CONSTANTLY right up til 3 years. We really couldn't take him anywhere where there were other kids as even if u were close by and trying to facilitate interactions he would literally attack the other children
    Now that he is almost 4 he is much better although being social seems to b his special interest.... He craves CONSTANT interaction. It has been a long hard road to encourage him to enter play appropriately but now his play CAN be amazing for his age. If however he dosnt get his desired reaction from the other child (ie the child is shy or standoffish) he can quickly resort to wrestling, pulling hair and biting. With cousins and siblings he is really rough (wrestling, biting, pulling hair) as he sees them all the time and the novelty wears off (for them and him) the more time he is with them the more he wants from the interactions...... Unfortunatly the opposite is true for them and they just want their space. It never ends well


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