Hello again there ladies!

Well, I asked a question awhile ago about the odds of me being pregnant, I had a blood test done at 11 dpo which came out negative so I just had to wait for my period. I was due for my period on the 21st May, it is now the 24th of May and still no period at all! So im now 3-4 days late! This morning ive had a couple of very dull cramps went to the toilet and there a tiny tiny tiny tiny amount of dark blood, barley enough to see on the tp! (sorry tmi!)

But ive been to the toilet a couple of times since then and there has been nothing else....what could this be? Is there a possibility its implantation bleeding happening late, could the blood test have been false? Was 11 dpo possible too early for a blood test!

Any answers and advice would be handy

Im not stressed or anything to delay my period so I dont know whats going on, I usually have a very strict 30 day cycle!

Thanks mums! xx