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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachell View Post
    Sorry I should have chosen my words better,
    What I was thinking when I said I know god can't heal my depression was more that when I get into deep states of depression and I can't think clearly, the last thing on my mind is my faith.
    I know in order for God to heal that part of me I have to give it all over to him and accept healing.
    Instead when I'm depressed I just think God is against me.

    It's a hard fog to get out of, most of the time when I'm going through a bout of depression my husband is the one to pray for me and to tell me I'm wrong in thinking god doesn't care about me. If it wasn't for him I don't know what would have become of me..
    And its because of him telling me this and praying that I start to feel better and get back into having a relationship with God.

    I shouldn't have said "I know God can't heal me" but rather "I know that God won't heal my depression if I don't allow him to do so, which is what I do when I'm going through depression"

    I hope that made sense.

    I have been on anti-depressants since 13 when that incident happened.
    After my DD I was put on stronger ones due to my PND.
    This year I have really been seeking God.
    My Psychiatrist can even see a change in me, so 3 months ago he agrees to let me come off my anti-depressants. It was hard! But I just kept seeking and praying and I have just hit 3 months with no anti-depressants or depressive behavior (even though very stressful events have happened in those 3 months)
    I have never felt better! And don't have all those nasty side effects of anti-depressants.

    I still have weekly appointments with my Psychiatrist to see how I'm going and so far he is happy with how I'm going.

    There are still parts of me that need to come a long way in my walk with God but thankfully the depression seems to be on its way out of my life.

    As each day goes by my faith gets stronger, but I still have a way to go.

    But I really had to make that decision to accept healing and still am making that decision to heal parts of me.

    I hope this has made sense!
    I should have written my first post when I had more time and didn't have my dd climbing all over me lol.

    Just wanted to clear that part up
    I've had depression too, I know those deep dark places that seem confusing. I was told by my 'then' pastor it was all a 'figment of my imagination!' that I could and should just snap out of it! It doesn't work like that. God heals, yes, God can intervene miraculously but if he had just 'snapped' me out of it 5yr ago would I be having to 'deal' with those issues now? I was told my vit d, iron and zinc levels are low by my Christian natropath 2w ago, she asked if I had PND again, I said I've been feeling 'down' so now I'm taking HUGE amounts of supplements and I'm feeling great! God designed those herbs to be put into place and to connect with my brain and function, God has healed in this situation I think... It's hard when ur in that dark place tho. I'm always reminded of the verse in Ephesians about not being given what we can't handle you know, I know of ppl, Christians who have committed suicide, I can see 'how' they felt that was the 'answer' God hasn't made us 'dumb' we need to think also and use his herbs and food as medicine as well as 'just' prayer IYKWIM... Just my ramble, sorry OT

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    I believe that God can heal even if we are in a position where we are UNABLE to give it over to him.

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    In my early 20s I was searching for something 'spiritual' and did a lot of reading about different religions, astrology, Zen, that type of thing, but nothing seemed right (Zen came the closest).

    Then I started reading a lot of popular science books, in particular on biology, cosmology and the sciences of the mind. Suddenly everything clicked - science gave me what I needed, it filled the hole.

    The more I read, the more incoherent and unnecessary the notion of God became. I had no use for it, it couldn't explain anything important to me.

    And then the so-called New Atheists were like a breath of fresh air, particularly Christopher Hitchens (I already knew a few others from my science reading). Hitchens said something that really hit home and I realised I completely agreed with him, and it's this: I don't even WANT what the religious profess to be true. It's not that I don't believe in it and wish that it was true. It's that I don't believe in it and I wouldn't want it to be true.

    I don't want there to be an all-knowing, all-powerful God. I don't want this God to have the right to judge people for eternity for decisions made in this world. I would want to be closed off to God's awareness - I don't want anything having access to my private thoughts (as an all-knowing being would). And I don't want to live forever.

    I take meaning from those I live my life with. I take meaning from the bursting of my lungs and aching of my legs when I'm doing a time trial around Melbourne's Tan track. I take meaning from the good things people do, just for goodness' sake. And I take meaning from knowing that I am an accident so vanishingly unlikely that I better damn well make the most of it in the short time I have available.

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    I am a Christian, and I was brought up in a Christian household J My faith has been a journey of learning about God, and then getting to know and love God personally. My views and ideas about God have evolved and changed as I have gotten to know Him better. The bible is an integral part of my relationship with God. I believe that the bible is God’s word, and that it is truth.

    I believe that God is a God of love. I believe that He is a God of grace. I believe that, often, we Christians do not do God any justice in the way that we represent him – because he is so perfect, and we are so imperfect, we often fail to convey God’s heart of love and grace and care for His creation, and the people He created. The more I understand God’s grace for my life, the more gracious I am towards others. I believe when Christians are judgemental towards others, it is because they often do not understand God’s grace and forgiveness for their lives – so as a result of that, they struggle to extend that same grace to others (Including myself!) I do not believe that God will forgive me if I ask it – I believe that he has ALREADY forgiven me, for everything I ever have done and ever will do. He did this by his completed work on the cross. When he said ‘it is finished’, he meant it – he achieved that forgiveness and grace for my life, and for anyone else who chooses to accept it.

    I believe that if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, you WILL be saved. I believe that it really is that simple – but we complicate things a lot as humans. The goal and aim of my life is to honour and glorify God in all that I do - through my every day.

    It breaks my heart that so many people have been hurt by religion, and that it has turned people away from God. I believe that this breaks God's heart too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northerly View Post
    I take meaning from those I live my life with. I take meaning from the bursting of my lungs and aching of my legs when I'm doing a time trial around Melbourne's Tan track. I take meaning from the good things people do, just for goodness' sake. And I take meaning from knowing that I am an accident so vanishingly unlikely that I better damn well make the most of it in the short time I have available.
    Wow, well said. Thank you, I needed to hear that.

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    I believe in science and religion and am an atheist. I was raised Christian (loosely) and attended Church and Sunday school. Until my twenties I liked to think I believed in god but I don't think I ever did.

    After studying science and working in research I am sure that there is no god (im sure just like other posters are sure there is a god). To me and the science community evolution is a fact, all the evidence is there. There was a time I tried to work out how a god could have created a primitive earth in which evolution could occur. But it's impossible.

    I had other random questions over the years as I was on my journey to atheism like if there was a god who was his creator?

    I had so many questions and I struggled as my whole family was religious. I have come to accept that we all have different beliefs and that is okay. I'm extremely happy in my life and my family in theirs, that's all that matters
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