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    Default DD sleeping is driving me crazy!!!

    My DD is 2.5 and for the last 7 months she is a nightmare to put to bed. Her bedtime is 8pm but most nights she's still awake at 10pm sometimes later. We have tried everything. Her bedtime routine hasn't changed. She has dinner, bath, playtime, story and then bed. These are some of the things we have tried:
    Night light
    Leaving her door open with the hallway light on/off
    Laying in bed with her
    Returning her to her bed everytime she gets up with no talking/eye contact.
    Earlier/Later bedtime
    Talking to her about our expectations of her at bedtime
    Shutting her door and going in and out to settle

    Everything we try ends up with her screaming/crying uncontrollable. Once we get her to sleep she will usual wake through the night and either end up in our bed or I have to sleep in her bed.

    I don't know what to do. I'm also up with my DS at least 1 to 2 times a night. Baby no. #3 is on it's way.

    Any advice or help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, while I dont have advice, I completely understand! DD is nearly 3 amd wakes up several times a night and DS is 16 months and has suddenly decided he wants to be hrld in an upright position all night. DD cannot have preservatives, colours or much sugar as her behaviour is ridiculous and wakes up even more. DS is asthmatic and gets wheezy if I dont go in to his screams. DD likes me to sleep in her bed but it isnt comfortable for 2 people and puts a dampener on snuggle time with DH. We have tried sleep school with DD and child health.nurse but after some bad advice (think holding baby down in cot and violently rock, remove safety rail because her son slept even if he fell out of bed). I dont know what else to do.

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    You don't mention if she still day naps? When DD was about that age she started to drag out bedtime until 10-11pm (used to be 7-7 sleeper) and as much as I didn't want to do it so early, I dropped her day nap. There was a transition period where some days she'd still have to nap, almost right away bedtime became "normal" again on non-nap days.

    I also have to watch that DD doesn't have any "flavour enhancers" (numbers in the 600s - MSG and similar) as they send her hyper and she ends up crying herself to sleep at some awful hour because the chemicals just won't let her calm down to fall asleep. These are in many savoury foods including many marketed for chidlren.

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    Will she go to sleep if you stay with her? My children have only just become comfortable with falling asleep alone and they are 3&4. Both of them still wake during the night, my 4 yr old will stay in bed if I take him back and give him a wheat pack but my 3 year old needs to sleep with us, we have tried everything you have suggested too and nothing works I figure he will do it in his own time when he is comfortable just like his older brother.
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