So after ds1 my period went back to normal.. Perfect 28 day cycle.
After Ds2 my period came back early (couldn't breastfeed) and was very heavy. It also came back every 2 weeks.
My dr assured me this was ok and to wait a few months to see what happened. During this time my dr put me on the pill to try and regulate my cycle.

I also had an ultrasound that showed a slightly thicker uterine wall but it didn't require a d&c.

I hoped that the pill would get me back onto a 28 day cycle but I'm still at 21...

I want to ttc no3 in a few months and my biggest fear is that I wont be able to.

Has anyone had luck ttc on a 21 day cycle? When do u ovulate?

My stand-in dr suggested I have low oestrogen levels which doesn't sound good.

I guess I'm just looking for some reassuring words from anyone who has been thru similar. I'm turning 36 so I'm no spring chicken but I don't want to be going into early menopause either.

Sorry for the essay btw