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    Default Cancelled IVF cycle... Now what?

    Hi ladies,
    I'm just after some info on what to expect now that my cycle has been cancelled? I got to day 13 of jabbing, but my follicles weren't growing well.
    My FS is away and I'm struggling to find answers.
    I know the experience is different for everyone, but I'm wondering...

    How long until AF returns?
    How much did that just cost?
    How soon until I can start again?
    What happens to all the follicles created?
    Is it meant to be so painful/ uncomfortable?
    Anyone who's gone through a cancelled cycle, your experiences, opinions and advice is sincerely appreciated xx

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    Oh no Ms Jo! Thats awful for you . My first ICSI/IVF cycle was cancelled too - for the same reason as you, and I was so devastated and confused. This was a couple of months ago - I'm now starting my second cycle - have been sniffing for a while and will start the injections again on Friday.

    Because I was so overwhelmed and upset I didn't ask my FS many questions.

    My first cycle I was on 150 puregon and I didn't respond well and was cancelled before egg retrieval. This time he will put me on 250 puregon.

    My FS wanted me to wait out 2 x AF's prior to starting the Synarel again, to give my body some time to get over the drugs, but I've noticed that other FS that I've read about on BH don't wait as long before doing another cycle. The waiting absolutely killed me and almost pushed me over the edge - a cancelled cycle and waiting so long to start another one is something I hadn't even thought off .

    Regarding the follicles - after cancelling the cycle the FS made me take a trigger shot to cause me to ovulate whatever eggs were in the follicles, and said go for gold (well, wasn't his exact words) - we have significant MFI so it would have been a miracle if we had gotten a BFP with that. Be careful if you get/ask for the trigger shot as apparently medicare doesn't refund this amount if you get it after cancelling the cycle...(this is what the clinic told me)...sometimes they have creative ways of sorting this out (which they did for me after I broke down in the clinics foyer when told I had to fork out a few hundred dollars for the trigger shot right after recieving the news that my cycle was cancelled). I'm not sure what happens to the follicles if you don't recieve a trigger shot to induce ovulation - have always been curious - thinking you may ovulate anyway...

    For the money side of things - the fee I paid for the ER etc was held for next time, but I had to pay a cancelled cycle fee of about $480 plus a small Dr's management fee of about $180 (I think....ok not so small grrrr). You get most of the cancelled cycle fee back from Medicare, and I got some of the Dr's fee back...I think it depends on your clinic...

    As for discomfort - as I didn't respond much at all to the meds, I didn't feel too uncomfortable. The scans sucked but the cancelled cycle sucked more...the emotional pain of being cancelled was the biggest killer of all, and really unravelled me...

    I guess as many people have told me - the first cycle is the cycle where the FS is trying your body out to see how it will respond, so second time round they will know how to tweak it...

    Sorry to hear this happened to you! When do you see your FS again? Make a list of questions to take to them to discuss your next plan, what went wrong etc...

    Warm thoughts to you that your BFP will come along next round!

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    Ms Jo I'm so sorry. I've just had my first cycle cancelled too, and I know how devastating it is.

    It sounds like Renvind has given some great answers already, but I'll answer from my experience in case there are any slight differences.

    How long until AF returns?

    Mine came back 10 days after the last jab that I did. I jabbed for 12 days.

    How much did that just cost?

    I think it depends on how your clinic works. I hadn't yet paid the invoice, so I was told to pay nothing and it rolls over to a new invoice for cycle 2. I think I paid something like $180 for FS fees, but get most back on medicare.

    How soon until I can start again?
    As soon as AF comes. My first cycle was cancelled for the same reason as you, and I started cycle 2 straight away. So I've just started jabbing on day 3 of AF. (Only this time I'm jabbing at a much higher dose).
    What happens to all the follicles created?

    They may or may not release eggs. Not all follicles release eggs. You are usually advised to avoid s*ex if you have several follicles, due to the risk of multiple births. So, when you stop jabbing the follicles will usually release the eggs, and then you will have a period.

    Is it meant to be so painful/ uncomfortable?
    Unfortunately, I think so. I had a lot of pain and discomfort throughout the whole thing. I also had terrible PMT before AF came, and a lot of nausea. I felt much better after AF arrived.

    I didn't have a trigger shot when it got cancelled. I was just told to stop jabbing and to NOT have s*ex under any circumstances! I had 9 small follicles, and I guess there was a risk of being some sort of octomum contender... The follicles were there, but too small to do EPU.

    On my first cycle I started on a low dose of FSH (112.5 Gonal F units). That was then upped to 150 and finally 225 throughout that first cycle. This time around I have started on 225. The FS said he started conservatively to avoid OHSS.

    I hope you're doing okay. It's so horrible when you get all geared up for it and then it gets cancelled. Feel free to ask any other questions if you have them.

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    Ms Jo,

    Sorry about your cancelled cycle, it really sucks doesn't it!

    What dose were you on?

    My first cycle i was on a low dose, gonal 115 because i had pcos and the didn't want to risk OHSS. I had one big follie take off and the others didn't really have a chance, so after 15 days of stims, we cancelled. Because we are MFI, they gave me the trigger shot (because we really have a shot in hell naturally, my partners count is very, very low) and then exactly 14 days later i got AF and started jabbing again.

    I was so bummed out, especially the 1st cycle, but i was glad i didn't have to wait long, it was only two weeks after i did the trigger i could start again, she said there was no reason to wait.

    Financially, i think we paid $450 to our clinic and then got it all back from medicare. Actually financially, it worked out better for us because the next cycle counted as a "subsequent cycle" which gives you a bigger rebate.

    My next cycle, i started on 142 puregon and had a successful cycle, 11 eggs, 6 hatching blasties (1 fresh, 5 frozen).

    Your FS will probably just up your dose next cycle and watch to see how your follies go and then up it through out your cycle if you need. Unfortunately with pcos, it can be frustrating but it can take them awhile to find the right dose for you .

    We were pretty upset when our first cycle was cancelled, but it did all work out better for us in the end.

    Best of luck to you 2nd time around you too Renvind and Girl X!
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