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    It doesn't seem particularly outrageous.

    Family members sue each other all the time, in order to gain access to the insurer behind the family member. For example, if a wife is driving a car and is the at-fault driver, then the husband and children passengers would sue her in order to gain access to the CTP insurer.

    As for home owners, I guess the take home lesson is make sure you have insurance and cut the pesky gumnut trees down. It's not like the aunt was creeping around in the backyard in the middle of the night trying to steal something and tripped over something. It was the main entrance to the house, and the owners knew that the stairs to the front door were constantly littered with small hard nuts which could be tripped on, without being obvious to visitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NancyBlackett View Post
    Isn't that why insurance is there? So when people are seriously injured they have a way of recovering their medical costs?

    The way the personal injuries system works these days you don't get aggravated damages - that figure would just be a reasonable estimate of her ongoing medical costs etc.

    She would have to sue them in order to get the insurance to cover it I think?

    If she had been my aunt/relative I would have encouraged and supported her in taking whatever action needed so she could access the medical care she obviously needed. She slipped down some stairs, and she was 76.

    This is what insurance is for

    eta - and we can't assume there is any animosity or feelings of ill will on either side
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    Also sounds normal to me, that's what insurance is for and why we pay it, to claim when things go wrong, to us or if people get injured while in our home.

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    The insurer would have had to pay.. the couple would have just had to pay the excess. They might not even be angry at each other and in fact I wouldnt be suprised if it was a put up job and they're all sitting there enjoying their share of the money to be honest.


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