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    When I'm sick things are kept as basic as possible. I get as much help as I can for things like grocery shopping and do internet shopping if all else fails. I stay in pj's to minimise washing and to stay extra comfy. Ds gets to watch tv, play on the computer, whatever he wants with minimal limits when I'm really sick. It is hard work, but you do get better, although it may seem like it will take forever. I was sick and so was my 5yo ds and my 7mo dd a few weeks ago and we all were stuck at home for a week. Thankfully dh didn't get too sick and helped where he could.

    As for the fluvax. It's a must in my book. The 'real' flu will knock you flat for 2 - 3 weeks and if you have Asthma it could land you in hospital. A cold can make you feel rotten and give temperatures and a cough and contrary to stupid TV ad's that suggest you soldier on, it can make you very sick for a week - 10 days. I have the flu vax every year. There are 'flu like illnesses' that mimic the flu and I got one when I was about 23 and I was sick for 2 weeks and my parents both got sick and had to take a week to 10 days off work completely and then went back to work eventhough they weren't 100%.

    The fluvax won't stop you getting a cold, or a flu like illness, but it will stop you getting true influenza and even if it's only one less illness for you a year, it's a nasty one and it's one you would appreciate avoiding I'm sure!

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    I usually get the fluvax but kept getting colds and needed to put it off. Lets just say I will never put it off EVER again. Even if that means missing out on an after school activity or being late for something.

    I have been suffering with the influzena virus and secondary infection plus bad asthma. That's even after being given Tamiflu as well. I have no doubt I would have been in hospital without it. And now DD1 & DD3 also have it with a secondary infection and asthma problems. That's with all of us usually having well controlled asthma. Influenza is like getting run over by a truck and honestly I haven't coped very well at all. If it wasn't for a fantastic friend picking up and dropping DD2 to and from school for me (she also took DD3 when she wasn't sick and dropped DD1 home) not to mention bringing a huge pot of soup the other day then there wouldn't have been much I could have done. There is no way I would have been capable of getting anyone to school. I could barely get out of bed.

    Dr said as soon as I'm better to make an appointment for 2 days later and get the fluvax asap. The girls will be getting it as well.

    DH on the other had ends up very sick with the fluvax. No idea why. We have tried twice and both times he ended up very sick. This will be the real test though with 3 of us having the influenza virus around him.

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    I get colds ALL the time.. As in 8 per year.. This year for the first time I got FLU.. Trust me, when you've got flu you are just about begging to die.. It was absolutely awful! The. Worst. Thing. Ever!

    I still won't get the flu shot having said that..

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    Thanks girls. I don't feel so bad not getting things done while sick. I ended up in a&e yesterday arvo, my respiratory system decided it didn't want to cope real well. 2 doses of cortisone, magnesium drip and a ton oxygen later my heart rate dropped back to normal, oxygen levels got back up and breathing became possible. Now its 4am and its looking like I'm going to be headed back up there shortly as I'm not responding to my puffer, again :'( this is pretty much what happens every time I get sick, flu or cold.


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