had a baby 2003 not sure what they were

wanted another one for years wasnt happening, irregular cycles, long ones, weight gain but was due to eating poorly, so went to get bloods to see why

so 2006 they were 4.1,

2007 4.58

i was ttc no luck they said things normal although i had one leaky duct at the time of one of those tests

i believe my shakes helped as in 2009 i went on them lost 20kgs felt sick and thought wait up tested and was BFP


went to drs today 21 may 12 got my results,from fri test, they had my previous readings from 2009 incluidng my pregnant ones with scarlet when i first found out in 2009, here they are,

TSH 22/7/09 3.6
TSH pregnant 22/10/09 3.7 not sure on t4

NOW 18th may Tsh 3.3 free t4 13.1

22/07/09 313
pregnant 22.10.09 276

NOW 18th may 273


22.7.09 148
134 pregnant 22.10.09
NOW 138

they did full blood check and everything is basically the same as back as it was 2yrs ago, so thats good, liver is a little low but she said dosnt matter as it was way lower then

now in 2007 my tsh was high 4.58 t4 not sure, but i think my diet shakes helped me get back i the normal cause i didnt get given any meds at all back then as the normal readings were higher now, so im not sure but i would say me losing weight has had a big impact on my thyroid functions and all other things, so hopefully now ill be good to go again.