Hi ladies - some advice needed please

After a terrifying year last year with 2 c-scar ectopics (VERY rare) and lap suregery back in Dec 2011 to investigate, we are now TTC again after being advised of a 6 month wait. Such a LONG wait!

I need help from ANY 'cycle savvy' women out there please ...

My cycles vary between 22-25 days, with my last being 22 days. Last AF was on 7th May, and I predicted that O would take place between 15-20 May. However yesterday (20th) I experienced lower abdominal period like cramps with some twinging, and last night severe night sweats. No change in CM noticed this month.

Could it be possible I ovulated late (cycle day 14) on 20th, even though I have predicted AF due next on 30th May? This would mean O day 10 days prior to next AF.

Does this sound right to anyone?

Thanks for listening and sharing