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    What I wonder is, those who don't like dogs inside, do you expect a fatless, feels the cold a lot dog who lives in a cold climate (ie my greyhound who lives in Tassie) to live it's life outside, or do you make exceptions to cater for breed/climate?

    For the record, my Grey is crate trained and when guests are over she is sent to bed unless the guests are happy for her to be out, in which case, she'll come over, sniff you, lean on you for a pat, then go to bed voluntarily anyway

    Oh, and there may be some fur on the carpet if I haven't vacuumed yet, but never any on the couch, 1. because she's not allowed on the couch, and 2. because it's vinyl and fur doesn't stick to it anyway

    There's nothing that I really hate about others houses, with the exception of that old, wet laundry smell, y'know, that mildewy smell when you let wet clothes sit around far too long without being dried. That. Oh and mouldy food stuffs. Can't deal with mould. Ever.

    *I can haz typos*
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    Wow, this is really insightful! I didn't realise there were so many things that peeve people.

    We've got a dog (lab) and 2 cats that are inside, we vacuum and clean religiously and always burn inscense and candles, so I'll have to ask my friends if it smells doggy! I think if you do have pets, it is kinda rude to let them jump all over visitors. And you def have to keep them clean and wormed. We also spray our dog with Lavender so he usually smells nice.

    To be honest, there isnt much that peeves me? I usually go to see the person so am not fussed over not getting the right cup or a bit of mess. We do have one family member on my partners side that I can't bear going to the house. It's a man cave, kitchen covered in 3 inches of grime, very smelly, dirty dogs that go inside. I feel like I need hand sanitiser when I leave!

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    I'm really laid back when it comes to other peoples' houses mainly because I don't have high cleaning expectations and dont mind stinky slobbery dogs or hair shedding cats.


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