I was just wondering if any one has any suggestions how to feel better about my job. I am in a high stress job in a workplace where I honestly feel that as soon as anything happens I am the one they come to. Leaving is not really an option as we are ttc & need the leave I have already accrued & ppl. I have discussed with my manager before about the work load but he doesn't care how the work gets done as long as it is done. I get very little support from my colleagues & have basically been training someone to assist me for the last 2 years, they all just keep leaving! I questioned after the last one whether it was me but I just think that it is the work load & stress they don't want to deal with. Perhaps I am silly for putting up with it, but because of our plans I have to. I have suffered anxiety & depression before & I fear that I will slip down that path again. I am meeting with hr on Monday to discuss & was really wondering if any has suggestions of how to approach it. Thank you

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