ok so i have bought these opks from fertility2family

my cycle is roun 32 days long,i been doing my temps im on cd 16 today

i have been getting all neg opks not even a hint of a second line, is this normal right up until you O

also i must say sometimes i can only hold my bladder for 1hr before filling about 300ml cup lmao,and ill be busting and kinda walking funny to hold that long, i drink alot of water but what i tend to do it pee, then hold for as long as i can so anywhere between 1 to 1.5hrs is all i can do during day with my drinking water. i have to say im on diet shakes atm meant to drink 3 litres a day but today i tested at 2.35pm.
i have barely drank anything today only about 800mls water, a cup of green tea and my 2 diet shakes with water which is about 300mls each.

i wake up at 7 so between 7 and 1 thats all i had, finished green tea at 1.10 peed at 1.30 held and tested at 2.35.

would that be a ok amount of time for it to pick up, im gonna start testing later at night to after m 5pm shake as thats when i stop drinking all the water to so i dont pee all night lol

has anyone else had these tests and had them never show a pos opk, ff says not due to o till tues shouldnt it pick up by now