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    Quote Originally Posted by RunningWithScissors View Post

    I also have their bedrooms as
    their 'safe' place.. I don't argue, discipline, talk to them about problems (unless they ask me in!) in there. I feel like they deserve a place to retreat, a place where they know they are 'safe' from a lecture of punishment, a place to clam down etc
    I love this!

    I grew up in an open house and could offload onto mum, dad or my brother whenever you needed.
    My dad grew up in an abusive repressive house and never wanted that for us kids.

    OH on the the other hand grew up in an abusive home but his mother taught him to suck it up because 'this is the way it is'.

    I had a cancer scare and OH flipped when he heard me tell my mother!
    Said that I shouldn't burden her with news like that.

    I let DS work through his feelings, I want him to know that family is always there to help and if you don't feel sad, angry or frustrated sometimes how would you know when you are truly happy?

    Later we will work on self control in public.

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    Absolutely think its important for kids to feel their own emotions and to be able to express them. If we as parents try and stop our kids "feeling" an emotion, how are they going to know how to handle themselves later as adults, if we have always "fixed" them or tried to "stop" them from feeling and dealing with an emotion? Kids need to feel it, express it, and also be able to name it, and learn what to do "with it".


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