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when i read your post, my initial reaction was "why is she interrogating you? thats a bit intense!" but now im thinking i dont think she is being intentionally nosy, maybe she is looking for feedback and advice on how to improve the service.... maybe she thinks there is something wrong with the way she is running the group, maybe she feels a bit rejected as the families that were initially attending have now made other plans. I know its a free service and there is no obligation to attend, and its at a time thats not very convenient, but if she is looking for suggestions on what changes she could make, then maybe you could tell her what other activities she could have to make it more appealing to the 4-5 year olds, and what times would be better for your routines, etc ...
Thanks for the insight.

Yes I have been told that last year there were 2 volunteers provided to 'entertain' the children; run activites with them while the mothers did their craft stuff. They volunteers have now moved on & nothing's been done to replace them. I get the impression lots of mums feel the same why I do- it's not ok to leave a group of small children (ie under school age) to 'entertain' themselves for 2 hours while their mothers sit around the table to have a chat. I might think of a way to suggest that the children do need more formal supervision- there is one mother who attends with twins who have just turned 2 and she literally parks in the chair for 2 hours and does not move; she takes no notice of what her kids are doing (often they're left with dirty nappies).