Hi all!
Our darling daughter has completely fallen in love with an Osh Kosh Pink teddy blanket and won't let it out of her sight. I am so worried that it will either get lost or worn out in no time at all, and am desperately trying to find another one to rotate with her original, but can't find one anywhere!!

This is a picture of the exact teddy but unfortunately it is out of stock in this shop and apparently not being made any more: http://www.zodee.com/babies/osh-kosh/teddy/ba3019-sp/
I originally got ours from Farmers in New Zealand but sadly they don't sell them anymore. If only I'd known that she would choose this one as her favourite toy then I would have bought 2 or 3 extra!!!

I'd be sooo grateful if anyone has any advice or has seen this teddy anywhere else, or has one the same or even a similar one that they would be willing to part with! They also came in different colours... yellow, dark pink, baby blue and navy. Ours is light pink, but I'd be really happy to even consider any other colour as there'd be a fairly good chance that she would accept it regardless of being a different colour!! I know there is even a similar style Osk Kosh teddy blanket with a bow on the teddy's head... we'd also be really happy to consider this one too!

I live in New Zealand but would be willing and happy to pay postage to send it here... I am getting desperate as you can probably tell hehe and can't find one anywhere here in NZ!

Thanks so soooo much :-) xx