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    Default Life's just not fare right?

    My dh and I have been ttc number 1 for 12months! Recerntly I have been diagonosed witkh not only PCOS but also, I believe Endometriosis. In addition my DH had a few issues when he provided a sperm analysis.

    **** aye?

    So, 23rd of this month I have an appointment with a gynacologyst, but as we've only been with private health for a short time my Dr has suggested we tell the gyno that we're only there to see her due to my periods playing up, pain during sex (not true) etc etc. (Although my periods are unrpredictable, sometimes up to a month late!).

    Soon as she realises the problems I want them sorted. I don't want to have to wait a few months before we reavaluate etc etc.

    Unsure of my actual question here, but FAR OUT this sucks. I'm concerned I'm starting to get a lil depersssion as we both want this so much and it doedsn't make any sense to me why others (perhaps not so deservable?) are able to make it happen and we're not? I'm at uni, I own my own business, I have a wonderful husband, who is very successful in his own rite and extremely caring and supportive. Things sometimes just don't seem fare. But then again, as my father has always said " sometimes, life just isn't fare".

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    I too have recently just found out I have polycystic ovaries and I already knew I had endo. We have been trying for 8months.
    My best friend had both severe pcos and endo and her husband had 'bad' sperm. They now have 2 healthy happy boys! I just wanted to share with you that it is still possible to conceive. I understand it can be frustrating, but try to remain positive, stressing will not do you any favours. Good luck with your appointment this week and I hope you get your BFP soon

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    Nope, life isn't fair

    If you have been trying for a year, then the pcos or endo (or both) might be playing up with your fertility, its def a good idea to go to a dr just in case.

    I ended up being diagnosed with very mild pcos a bit over a year ago, dr threw in a sperm test "just in case", turned out my partner has a tiny amount of sperm, we will never had a kid naturally (hence we're doing ivf). BUT i'm glad i found out, because then we wouldn't have waited a year or more of trying, knowing it wasn't going to work.

    Def talk to the gyno about you ttc, because you might end up needing a little bit of help. Not all women with pcos need help to fall pregnant, but the more factors you have, the better it is to seek help for it. With pcos, sometimes you don't ovulate, or you don't ovulate every month so it can be hard when you are ttc. There are also different types of pcos. Hopefully the dr can give you some guidance, and you'll get pregnant soon.

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    I to was told by my gp after a U/S that i had PCOS actually by 2 doctors but once i saw a gyno she set me straight and i Dont have it! They were correct about the endo thats only because of my massive cyst.
    Some times gp dont know enough about our U/S results but a gyno will so best of luck!
    I found it a big relief speaking to some one who specializes in these issues because they really can help and make you feel much better about it.


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