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    Default C-section birth plan

    Does anyone have a c-section birth plan that I can have a look at? This is my 3rd c-section but this time I can't go to the hospital I went to for my boys births as I have GD. I am not going to a MUCH MUCH bigger hospital and after reading their booklet on what happens when having a c-section and there is bits that I REALLY don't want to happen. I have only been to this hospital once and don't have to go again before I have bub so think I need a birth plan as I feel I am going to be very nervous and will forget things. BUT what do I write? How do I write it? Does anyone have any examples for me?


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    This was mine.

    In the event of Caesarean.
    Please keep communication open. If, at all possible, please wait for my express consent, or that of my partner, before initiating any procedure.

    • I would like DH to be with me at ALL times.
    • After the operation, I would like to to have immediate contact with the baby. If for some reason the c section stops this happening then I want DH to hold the baby.
    • I would like to hold the baby and breast feed in recovery if possible
    • I do not wish the baby to be routinely taken away to the ward to wait for me to finish in the operating theatre. If this is the case, DH is to be with the baby always

    Special requests:
    • If I am put under a general, DH is to stay with baby at all times.
    • DH is to make decisions as to procedures if I am under general or in case of any emergency.
    Special Care Nursery (if rqd)
    • Should our baby require transfer to the SCN DH is to accompany her/him and to remain with her/him at all times.
    • Baby is not to be given bottles or formula in the SCN as this baby will be exclusively breastfed. I will have my milk expressed if need be.
    • If baby is to be transferred to another hospital, my DH is to be with her/him at ALL times. And if possible, I too would like to be transferred to my baby ASAP.

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    Just write down the things that you are feeling really strongly about.
    I did this for my recent birth, a VBAC. But wrote a IN THE CASE OF A C/S section. (excuse the pun). All my midwives read it and everyone was respectful. They explained the thing they could do and the things they couldn't and why. So I was prepared ahead of time and didn't have unrealistic expectations.
    A good idea that I did too, was to sleep with a blanket the night before so it gets your scent on it and ask for baby to be wrapped in this after birth.
    As it turns out I didn't have another c/s, but knowing what would happen if I did took some of the anxiety out of it.


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