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    Default Polycystic Ovaries and PCOS -Not the same?

    I had an ultrasound last week and got the results through my acupunturist last night... Now at first I thought when she said I had polycystic ovaries, it was PCOS... however I have been doing some reading and discovered that you can have polycystic ovaries and NOT the syndrome. Is this correct? Does anyone have polycystic ovaries (and not the syndrome)? What are the main differences and treatment options available?
    I have long cycles (32-37 days) and a blood test last cycle confirmed that I did ovulate. Last weeks ultrasound confirmed that I was about to ovulate and according to my BBT I ovulated this cycle. I also get +OPK's. I was diagnosed with Endo last year too. So if I am ovulating, can I still conceive even if I have polycystic ovaries??

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    I'll answer you last question first - YES, if you are ovulating then you can fall pregnant. This answer doesn't take into account factors such as the endo, his swimmers etc though.

    I did a lot of research as I had an ultrasound in my early 20s and they told me my ovaries were polycystic (tech told me at the time not to worry, I could still get pregnant). From there, I could see I had some PCOS symptoms, but never followed up to see if I had enough symptoms to qualify for a PCOS diagnosis (thought I'd cross that bridge if I had trouble TTC). There are a lot of dedicated PCOS sites, but I did not find them overly useful as I was not overweight and didn't have all the PCOS symptoms.

    I conceived DD 1st cycle off the pill (Yasmin) but I did not ovulate until about 5 weeks after stopping the pill. The doctor at the time told me that being on the pill would have helped me as it stops your ovaries from ovulating or trying to ovulate, so all those "cysts" (follicles) stop forming and my ovaries would have returned to pretty much normal. If I hadn't conceived then I imagine after a few months my ovaries would have become polycystic again - as this is consistent with the pain pattern I've had while on/off the pill over the years.

    After DD I had regular cycles and all PCOS symptoms were gone. We conceived angel-bub 1st cycle we tried. But since losing that bub my PCOS symptoms returned, I started to get spots on my back again and every second cycle was 35-42 days (every other cycle 28 days), and pain on my right side when ovulating on a long cycle. I went back on the pill for 2 months and am now pregnant again straight off the pill.

    In the scans I've had recently my right ovary has many visible follicles around it, unlike my left. I believe my right ovary was on its way to becoming polycistic again but my left for some reason isn't.

    My story is just one, but many women do conceive with polycystic ovaries without much trouble. It's stories like mine that are the reason why doctors will possibly recommend the pill. The pill will not 'fix' the PCOS, but for some people it does work in helping to TTC.


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