First of all Congratulations on your pregnancy and this exciting new journey in your life!

My name is Larissa and I am a student midwife studying through the University of Queensland. As part of my course I am required to follow through the pregnancies of twenty women in what is called a continuity of care experience.

A continuity of care experience is the follow through of a pregnancy pretty much from start till finish. This would entail me being in the attendance of approximately 5 antenatal appointments, the birth and of course post natal appointment as well.

I understand that birth and pregnancy are incredibly special and private moments in the life of a woman and that the thought of a student being apart of that can be frightening or daunting and this is understandable.

However many women who have participated in continuity of care with students have found it a pleasant and rewarding experience. As a first year student my role would be mostly that of a support role and many women find that extra bit of professional support a comfort during pregnancy.

There will of course be time to get to know me at your many appointments and feel free to ask me any questions. But just so you know a little bit about me.I am a very enthusiastic student midwife, who is very passionate about degree. I am an accepting and non judgemental person who is really easy to get along with.

I am based for the most part at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital but do have a fair bit of flexibility around the Brisbane based hospitals.
If you are interested, have any questions about me or would like to know more about continuity of care and what it entails, feel free to contact me via this forum or my email address: larissa_midwifery@hotmail.com

Hoping to hear from you soon,