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    Have you tried using natural food colouring to colour some of the veggies? Like Cauliflower, potatoes and corn?
    A friend of mine does this for her 2,5yo DS and has quite a lot of success with it.....

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    My youngest has always been super fussy when it comes to vege. Eventually I cut right back on what I was giving her, so she would just get one bite size piece of each vege on her plate. She would get a small amount of meat on her plate with rest on another plate and once the veges were all gone she could have the rest of her meat (she LOVES meat).

    Plus she loves yoghurt so that was her treat if she ate all her dinner. If she didn't eat what was on her plate the only option for the rest of the night if she was still hungry was fruit.

    As she got better at eating her 2 or 3 (very!) small pieces of vege we slowly increased the size of these pieces and then increased it by one extra bit size piece every 3 or 4 days. It was a slow process but she is now much better and actually admits to liking broccoli

    We usually eat around 6 to 6.30ish so I made sure I cut back on what she was eating in the afternoon. No more snacks after 4pm.



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