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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachell View Post
    The only reason I *think* she is a manager is because I was in there once and was having problems returning something that was damaged, I asked to speak to the manger and the lady in question came over. She said she was the store manager and I pretty much had no choice but to deal with her *cringe*

    So she might be a counter manager and just on some type of power trip, I didn't know there was even a difference.

    She quite often checks bags but neve stands at the front, she will talk at the service desk and when someone goes to walk out... BAM!.. She is pouncing on you!!
    I know there not allowed to touch any of your belongings ect (I have works in retail to) but I just can't explaine it.. She make you feel like you can't speak up or say anything to her..

    Like I said before I have friends that have had Run-Ins with her and they havnt complained.. My Dh has had a run in with her too over a broken blender and he said she was rude ect..
    I will sit down tomorrow and try and come up with a letter of complaint to head office
    Then I might tell my friends who have come across her warpath to also consider writing a letter of complaint.

    I'm still to this day upset over why she said about my daughter skin
    I'm well awear eczema flare ups are not a pretty sight.. But that was my daughter.. A child she was taking about.. She is there to do her job not to be the b!tch every one talks and complains about at mothers group.
    Not many people know this but BigW has several managers:

    Store manager:
    Who runs the whole store.
    Who does a lot of out the back work and only really is on the floor when was office are around or does a daily walk through.

    Assistant manager:
    Who is on the floor the whole day mainly delegating takes to other managers.

    Consumables manager:
    Food items, toilet paper, toiletries, promo items like Xmas and Easter.

    Leisure manager:
    Electronics, DVDs, CDs, games, toys, sporting, bikes, fishing.

    Apparel manager:
    Clothing and beauty.

    Home manager:
    Kitchen ware, bathroom, linen.

    Service manager:
    Registrars at front entry, service desk and layby.

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