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    Hi @kylez83, is it possible to know how much the female tests cost you in total? I am trying to figure out whether it would be cheaper to do it in Sydney or London (which is where I am from).

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    @amywillo86 and @Modella77 I am shocked and sorry to hear what you have been through. Our GP let us start getting tests done 5 mo the after we started trying, we did sperm count and blood tests for hiv etc for my partner and I had various blood tests, urine tests and ultrasound. All our results came back fine except we had allow sperm count. GP referred us to Genea to see a FS. It took about 2 months to get an appointment. FS then had my partner do another sperm count test at 3 months after the first and I had to have a hsg. Here is a list of all the tests Genea required us to do before seeing them:

    Blood tests:
    Blood group
    Full blood count
    Hep b & c

    Urine tests:
    Urine micro-culture

    Radiology test:
    Pelvic ultrasound
    Hysterosalpingogram (hsg)

    Current Pap smear

    Semen analysis & MAR including sperm count, mobility and morphology

    Blood test:
    Blood group
    Hep b & c

    We had already done pretty much all of those tests except the hsg though our gp.

    I'm 33 my partner is 39. We were told we won't conceive naturally due to low sperm count. In Jan we start iui and will do that for a few months while we wait for the July ivf round where we live. In the meantime we are also doing Accupunture and Chinese herbs and trying to get in a few days of exercise a week. I also have to have a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy in Feb to make sure my uterus is and if I have endometriosis or any other issues. This is keyhole surgery.

    If you haven't already had the above tests I recommend asking your gp to give you a referral to do so. And if you need a FS for that I'd go from FS to FS until you get all these tests done. How can a FS recommend Corrie t treatment or a plan without knowing the full data!?

    Let me know how you go or if you have any questions

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    @sydneylady17 I can't exactly recall but I think it was mostly bulk billed. If we paid anything it was only a few hundred dollars. Your gp should be able to help you with costing.

    Since that post we were told we wouldn't conceive naturally, I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and mild endometriosis removed. We both did acupuncture weekly and Chinese herbs daily. We got engaged on 2 March and then at start of April had our appointment with the ivf dr. All we had to do was pay the money and sign the paperwork. The next day af was due. My temp didn't drop so we did a hpt and omg we had the double lines! We did it and all on our own! This week is the week we were to do ivf. I'm now 10 weeks pregnant

    Good luck to you all. Miracles do happen

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    Default Long road with happy ending...

    Thought I should update here after the nightmare I went through. We eventually transferred a perfect, PGD tested blastocyst on our IVFA cycle and to the shock of both doctor and embryologist, that cycle failed too. At this point, I knew I couldn't do the usual clinic option anymore as something else was going on.

    So we saw an amazing reproductive immunologist in Sydney, Dr Matthias, and he did a few extra tests and I had treatment for an immune issue, and with a low key clinic in Liverpool doing the IVF part (Demeter Fertility - very nice team) we were pregnant with our now 2 year old on the second cycle. This was after YEARS of treatment.

    So don't give up ladies! And don't just stick to the main clinics if things are not happening. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to figure things out.

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    How long since you cycled at kograg with ivf Australia just asking for reference.

    I used to be at kograh excellent.

    Westmead not so much.


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